Pleasant Lake Protective Association

P.O. Box 1584, New London, NH 03257


 Loon familyLoon Family on Pleasant Lake - Photo by Kittie Wilson

 Welcome & Mission

Welcome to the Pleasant Lake Protective Association (PLPA) website!

The PLPA was incorporated in 1969 by a group of far-sighted area residents who valued the wonderful natural resource we have in Pleasant Lake and wanted to provide for its long-term protection. Thirty-seven years later in 2006, we revised our articles of agreement and by-laws to better reflect the increased array and complexity of our yearly activities. Those revisions also helped the PLPA qualify as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization in 2007.

Our revised articles of agreement clearly lay out the PLPA mission statement.

“In furtherance of its purposes, the Corporation shall:

(a) Promote awareness of and monitor Pleasant Lake and its watershed area to preserve and protect its many qualities as a natural resource;

(b) Assist in and support the work of federal, state and local authorities in protecting Pleasant Lake’s ecology with respect to water purity and its natural populations of fish, water birds and other wildlife;

(c) Educate its membership about boating rules and regulations, both state and local, pertaining to Pleasant Lake; and encourage its membership to comply with such rules and regulations;

(d) Advise the Town of New London with respect to policies pertaining to the control of the water level of Pleasant Lake at the Elkins dam; and

(e) Promote and assist in other events and activities that advance the purity, safety and recreational value of Pleasant Lake and collaborate with other organizations in endeavors that further the purposes of the Corporation.”

In 2007, we also adopted a new organizational structure to facilitate the exercise of the PLPA mission statement by forming eight committees specifically focused on our most important tasks. You can learn much more about the work of these committees by visiting the website page entitled “About Us.”

As you explore the many aspects of the PLPA and the important work it does, please consider joining us as a member and/or as a volunteer. Pleasant Lake is very special and we, like the far-sighted people who founded the PLPA so long ago, need to work hard to protect and preserve this natural treasure for generations to come.